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Canada - Union of the Comoros Relations

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Canada and the Comoros established diplomatic relations in 1977. Canada’s High Commissioner to the Comoros is based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The Comoros has an Honorary Consul in Campbellville.

Canada has cordial but bilateral relations with the Comoros. Trade, investment and development aid are minimal, and interaction between Canada and the Comoros largely takes place within multilateral for a such as the United Nations and la Francophonie. Comorians are eligible for scholarships under the Bourses de la Francophonie program. While the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) does not maintain a significant development assistance program in Comoros, CIDA does provide some monies through regional and multilateral organizations such as La Francophonie. Canada’s bilateral trade with Comoros is minimal; in 2008, two-way trade totalled approximately C$554 000. In that year, Canadian exports consisted primarily of passenger motor vehicles, furniture parts, and wood, while Canadian imports consisted primarily of cloves, essential oils, and papayas.

While the bilateral trade balance has been in favour of Canada in recent years, two-way trade between Canada and Comoros has been slowly decreasing.

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